Welcome to EcoGreen

EcoGreenlb is a newly established company that offers biodegradable and eco friendly solutions for more environmentally conscious alternatives compared to the traditional disposal solutions in various categories such as tableware, cutlery, bags and carriers.

In the midst of the ongoing Green Revolution that is sweeping the world, we are embracing this Green Revolution in order to develop new approaches and reach more innovative solutions to meet to the needs of our eco-conscious customers & to make more people aware of the Green Revolution.

EcoGreenlb is committed to introducing and expanding the use of environmentally friendly and biodegradable food packaging, tableware, cutlery, and other products in Lebanon & the Middle East.

From its base in Beirut-Lebanon, EcoGreenlb distributes EcoPack, EcoBags and EcoClean, a wide range of products on a wholesale and retail basis.

Why Go Green?

"Going Green" demonstrates that we care about the environment and that we are taking practical measures to be responsible with our natural resources.

  • *Customers are expecting it
  • *The environment needs it

There is goodwill created with customers and employees for proactively being environmentally conscious.

NOW EcoGreenlb is leading the way. "Going Green" is becoming part of the Lebanese consumer psyche.